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Food Trends that Need to Die

The Glowbal Group made meatballs mainstream with their Kobe Meatball over five years ago. Now meatballs can be found on way too many menus throughout the city. I tried it, I liked it and now I’m over it.

Expensive Cocktails
Since when did making a cocktail become worthy of high prices? When did $8.00 for a cocktail become cheap and $12 become the norm? Please don’t tell me it’s because the cocktails are two ounces, that’s BS. For the rest of my rant I will refer to this Food to Miss your Plane For article.

Pabst Blue Ribbon
Really people? I don’t see anyone drinking Kokanee, Canadian or Lucky at trendy bars and they taste just as shitty as Pabst does. Already I can hear hipsters saying they don’t drink it because it’s trendy, they drink it because it’s cheap. Maybe price is a factor, but really most hipsters drink it to look cool and different. Want to be cool? Order a Lucky and drink it with pride.

Do we really need to make food tasting more pretentious than it already is? Anyone who calls him/herself a Gastronome is a douche bag. Enough said.

Pretentious Food
I am suspicious of any food can be described as having an “essence of” or that is finished with a “froth”. Recently I went to one of Vancouver’s hottest new restaurants and they served a salad with chicken that was pureed into cubes. The chicken, by the way, tasted like chicken. Boring and bland but it looked pretty. Pretentiously small portions with supposedly delicate flavours are always overrated.

Although I completely believe in demanding sustainable practices from restaurants, sometimes I wonder, how extreme is too extreme? Watch this video, you’ll see what I mean.

What food trends do you hate?