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Chiang Mai, How I Love Thee…

On a recent trip to Thailand, I visited Chiang Mai for the first time. Unlike most destinations in Thailand, Chiang Mai has managed to preserve an authentic feel due to the large amount of Thai tourists who visit. Cute coffee shops, trendy bars and boutique hotels are easily found in Chiang Mai at affordable prices. Don’t even get me started on the amazing food and shopping in Chiang Mai. Aside from its lack of beaches, Chiang Mai is everything one hopes for in a tropical paradise.

If you haven’t been to Chiang Mai put it on your list. When you do visit, don’t forget to go to the Walking Street Market. It has cheapest and best shopping I have found in Asia so far.

Yangs Fried Dumplings

Here is another one of my dumpling obsessions Shenjian bao. Similar to XLB, the Shenjian bao is also a pork and soup filled dumpling but the difference is the Shenjian bao is fried as opposed to being steamed.

WARNING: Watching this video will make you crave these dumplings!

The Kaboom Box

The Kaboom Box, formerly known as “Fresh, Local, Wild” was number one on my Street Food list because I had heard so much about their great food. They didn’t disappoint. The Smoked Salmon Salmwich lived up to its reputation of being one of the most sought after street eats. The venison burger was good but I expected a more unique flavour from the venison patty. Instead it tasted like a yummy regular burger. So for anyone who’s afraid to try venison this burger would be a perfect place to start.

Almost forgot the most important piece of information (thanks Mom catching that): The Kaboom Box is located on Granville in between Robson and Georgia (right outside of Sears).

The Kaboom Box on Urbanspoon

McDonalds Road Rally

In 2004 my sister and I entered the McDonalds Road Rally. It was like the Amazing Race but on a much smaller scale. The episodes aired as short commercials featuring all three teams, The Sisters (us), The Teachers or The Boys. So why have I put it in Things You Shouldn’t do on TV? Well watch for yourself and find out.

Thank you again to City TV for allowing us to be a part of this!

Labyrinth “In 60 Seconds” Virgin Radio 2011 Fake Film Festival

I remember watching Labyrinth with my sisters when I was little and thinking this is the best movie ever. We were in love with David Bowie and all dreamed of being Sarah. So when my sister and I heard about this competition there wasn’t a question in our minds what movie we were doing.

It’s amazing how hard it is to make a film into 60 seconds. So many awesome scenes got cut from the movie. So keep your eyes peeled for our out takes video. It will be hilarious.

If you like this video please comment on the Virgin Radio page and like our Facebook page

Timothy Yu as Jareth (David Bowie)
Brittany Yu as Sarah (Jennifer Connelly)
Michael Pover as Hoggle
Directed & Edited by White Rabbit Productions, Jade Brion

JJBean, Corporate Agenda or Just Plain Idealistic?

I was elated when I came home from a 3 month hiatus to see the stunning JJ Bean one block away from my house. Of course there is a Starbucks even closer to my house but I love almost everything about JJ Bean. Amazing coffee, great, personable service and now a beautiful setting right around the corner from home. Oh and I forgot to mention the amazingly addictive Breakfast Bun.

As a small company owner I spend most of my time working from home. If you have ever worked from home you know it can be hard to get motivated at times. So when this happens, I find getting out of the house and doing work at a coffee shop for 30 minutes to an hour helps put me back on track.

Pre-JJBean, I would usually I go to Starbucks, which had the Bell Hotspot available for 1 hour to anyone who was at Starbucks who had a registered gift-card. Since then they have introduced free wifi in all locations with no need for a gift-card or registration.

So back to JJBean. With my laptop bag in hand, I ordered a vanilla latte, a breakfast bun and picked a beautiful and extremely comfortable seat by the window. As I opened my computer and searched for WiFi I thought it must be a mistake. I rushed up to the counter to ask if their internet was down and saw this letter posted up on the espresso machine.

After reading the smug letter I couldn’t help but feel that there was an underlying corporate agenda. Really this isn’t a little coffee shop, this is a growing coffee chain with over 10 locations.

In the letter they talk about “[Striving] to make [their] locations places which facilitate activity” and they don’t want their coffee shops to be like a “library”. But I’ve gone into a lot of coffee shops that have WiFi and it’s nothing like a “library”. There is still the same ratio of people on their computers as there are in most other coffee shops. Most of the time I go for coffee to socialize with friends, or have a meeting with a new client but sometimes I want to go to get a little bit of work done with a great latte.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say JJBean isn’t being “idealistic” but thinking like the corporate company that they are. If they bring in WiFi they fear that students and/or anyone who needs WiFi, are going to take up their seats for hours.

The most humorous part of the story is, as I was sitting there finishing my latte with my open computer a young hipster guy comes up to the counter, glances over at me and then starts to ask about what the feedback was like about the letter posted up. He joined in the smug attitude by saying “It’s so great you don’t have WiFi, I can just hear people now crying about it.” Then he used a baby voice and made crying gestures with his hands saying “why don’t you have WiFi that’s ridiculous!”

Suddenly I felt uncomfortable for even bringing in a computer and I realized that this has become like some hipster, coffee shop war and everyone has to choose his or her side.

War aside, I will still go to JJBean for a latte but when I want to get some work done on my computer, I will have to stick to Starbucks and endure the “dreaded silence of a library”.

What do you think of JJ Bean’s choice to not have WiFi? Comment below!

Bargaining in Hua Hin Street Market

This is the first of my bargaining series and we filmed it at the Hua Hin Street Market. Hua Hin is a beach town close to Bangkok. Local Thai’s love it but I would give it a big pass if I were going to Thailand again. It’s over developed, the beaches are dirty and the ocean has lots of big jelly fish in it (at least it did when I was there). There is almost no street food or little restaurants to eat at (although we did find an authentic little noodle shop which was awesome.

Yummy Noodle Stall in Thailand

Anyways we hit the street market hoping to film some great bargaining but we found that no one there wanted to bargain. Very unusual for markets in Asia.

Thank you Sarah Rutherford for allowing me to film you and for helping me film!

One of a Kind Vancouver

I went to the One of a Kind show in Vancouver and found lots of lust-worthy accessories. I interviewed my two favorite finds of the day. Teresa Smed from Dotted Loop who makes the coolest jewelery and Lindsey Bayne from A Bird in the Hair who makes head-bands that could make Blair Waldorf swoon.

I would like to apologize for my abrupt ending to my interview with Teresa with Dotted Loop as I ran out of room on my camera during the interview. Two years of filming non-stop, not deleting anything and the camera runs out in the middle of an interview!

Big thank you to my impromptu camera girl Kaity King and to Tersea Smed and Lindsey Bayne for taking the time away from their busy booths to interview with me.

Interview with David Adjey

David Adjey with the television series, The Opener is part of the team opening The Helm restaurant in Vancouver. The Helm held their opening on Friday, December 3, 2010 and had the entire Food Network TV crew filming The Opener. I happened to have my camera and microphone along with me for another project I’m working on and saw an opportunity to interview David Adjey. He was a good sport and sat down with me to talk about how to break into the biz. What a character! Very funny guy and lots of fun! Big thanks to David for sitting down with me and to the lovely team at The Helm for inviting me.

Thank you to my sister, Jade Pover, for being my “camera women”. It’s so nice to have someone with film and TV experience helping me.

Din Tai Fung

This is the first of my dumpling series. Xiao Long Bao is one of my favorite foods and the reason I named my blog “The Wandering Dumpling”. Xiao Long Bao can be directly translated “small steaming basket buns” but are more well known as “soup filled dumplings”. XLB is traditionally a Shanghainese dish, but as I discovered on my dumpling journey, the Taiwanese do it better. (Ya I just said it)

My first XLB was at Joe’s Shanghai in New York and it was life changing. Now I have traveled the world in search of the perfect XLB. So far the list of my top 3 are:

1. Din Tai Fung (the best is the original location, Xinyi Restaurant, Taipei)
2. Dinesty Located in Richmond this is number 2 because of it’s amazing XLB and great side dishes. Blog to come.
3. Joe’s Shanghai I must try this again as it has been over 5 years.

The important thing to look for in the perfect XLB is thickness of skin (I have found in Shanghai the skin tends to be thicker and I don’t like this). Also the soup inside must be tasty and flavourful and of course the pork must be delicious.

This video is of Sarah and I at Din Tai Fung in Xintiandi, Shanghai.

*Please note Sarah shows the most popular way to eat XLB but I do not believe in her method. In the video she pours the soup out of the dumpling into her spoon and then eats the dumpling. I think you should eat the whole dumpling in one bite. This can be dangerous if you don’t let it cool down. I eat mine by poking a hole in the top of the dumpling, letting it cool down and then eating it in one bite. I will demonstrate in upcoming videos.